Microsoft Health Android app

Microsoft Health Android app is out:

Still awaiting the Microsoft Band.......


Enterprise Rights Management app for Android

Trying out the new Rights Management Sharing app that Microsoft released yesterday. It allows secure sharing of digital images. The app employs cryptographic controls more commonly known as Digital Rights Management(DRM) or Enterprise Rights Management(ERM). Currently the Android app only works for digital images. Hopefully Microsoft will include other file types in the near future.

 Microsoft Right Management app for Android in action



Secure (encrypted) communication using an Android or iOS device

Encrypting a communication channel is easy, but secure exchange and management of encryption keys is not. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have come up with a new way to establish a web of trust for key exchange using your Android phone. This method can be used to distribute cryptographic keys to known parties in a trusted manner. The key exchange happens using an Android app when you meet someone in person and you trust that person. That trust can be shared with other parties that you have met in person and also trust. With this method not everyone in a trusted group has to meet each other in person to establish secure communication within a group. This concept has been around for a while in PGP/GPG, but the introduction of mobile apps to perform the key exchange removes the manual process and the need for a central public key repository.

See SafeSlinger by Carnegie Mellon University for more information.


Apache SolrCloud using JBoss

I have added the instructions for setting up SolrCloud using JBoss on the Solr wiki site. Please review:


Embed a Google Drive folder in to a Google Sites page

Looks like the ability to embed a Google Drive folder into a Google Sites page is coming soon.