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Twisties in Google Sites 

Sometimes, to maintain clean layout of a Google Sites page, you need to have subsections that can be collapsed or expanded by the user:

Here is a script that can create twisties from sub-pages of any Google Sites page.




Building an Idea Bank app using Google Apps Script

Building a GUI based app using Google Apps Scripting is very simple. Just need to have a very basic understanding of how Google Web Toolkit (GWT) works. For this app we used the


  1. Spreadsheet Services in Google Apps Scripting; and
  2. UI Services. 


UI Services are based on GWT, so it is good to have a basic understanding of the framework. The following is the code to create your own Idea Bank application in Google Sites. A real live working example is available here



Displaying the Contents of a Google Docs Collection using the Tree UI Widget in Google Apps Script

The following script can be used to generate a tree view of a Google Docs Collection in Google Sites on the fly. Very useful for displaying contents of large Google Docs Collection on a Google Sites page.


Google Apps Script File Upload UI Service Demo

In this script, we will use the Google spreadsheet to keep track of files uploaded to Google Sites' File Cabinets. There are four parts to this script:


  1. Creating a File Upload form using the Google Apps script UIApp and the FileUpload UI
  2. Adding a button to invoke the form from the Google Spreadsheet File Menu
  3. Using the Sites Service to store the uploaded file to the Google Sites' File Cabinet
  4. Using the Spreadsheet Service to save the URL to the Uploaded File in the active spreadsheet cell.