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Embed a Google Drive folder in to a Google Sites page

Looks like the ability to embed a Google Drive folder into a Google Sites page is coming soon.



Trying out the new Office Web Apps in Microsoft Skydrive

Trying out the new Office Web Apps in the Microsoft Skydrive. I have to say I am very impressed. Microsoft has come a long way in creating a Office Suite that works in a web browser without requiring any plugins. Personally I am a Google Apps fan. I think Google has trail-blazed in this area and will continue to do so. Microsoft is playing catch-up. But if for some reason you can’t use Google Apps, Microsoft’s new Office Web Apps are your friend.

To test out the new features in Office Web Apps, I created a the following presentation in Urdu Language:


Check it out.


Comments / discussion feature for PDFs in Google Docs

Looks like the comments and discussion feature for PDFs in Google Docs is finally rolling out:


We have been waiting for this for a long time!!! 

Thanks Google!!!! :)


Psychological reactance and Google Data Liberation Front

As I was reading an article in MIT Sloan Management Review on how the loyalty to a service weakens when the end-user feels that her freedom to choose is being restricted, I started thinking about how Google uses the Data Liberation Front to combat this behaviour. Even though most people wouldn't want to switch to a different platform after they start using Google Docs, Google giving them an option to take their data elsewhere, makes the Google Docs users more loyal to the platform. 

Google doesn't really want to hold your data hostage to make you stay with them. 


Google Doodle using vector graphics and animation in the new GDocs Presentations

The following Google Doodle was created using scalable vector graphics canvas and animation support in the new Google Presentations editor:


(note: you need to be logged into your Google Account to view the animation)